Consultant led services we offer

Standard Health provide orthopaedic services including specialist consultation, day case surgery, an integrated acute knee pathway and in-patient procedures.

Day case procedures are carried out at Victoria Hospital in Wimborne and Blandford Community Hospital in Blandford Forum. Procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic or under general anaesthetic. General anaesthesia is undertaken at Victoria Hospital.

Each patient will be seen and assessed by a Consultant. The patient will be offered early access for diagnostic and treatment. The pathway may involve a scan (including MRI), surgical intervention and physiotherapy treatment.

Day case procedures (including keyhole surgery) The following is a guide;

Hand surgery

Carpal tunnel decompressions

Trigger finger release

Dupytrens contracture release

Knee surgery

Knee arthroscopy

Knee sports injuries including Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

Acute Integrated knee pathway

The management of acute knee injuries, a one-stop pathway including MRI, physiotherapy and the decision for surgery or not.

Hip procedures

Hip injection

In-patient procedures are carried out at the Wessex Nuffield Hospital, Hampshire.

This is a private hospital where patients have their own room. Standard Health provide joint replacements at this outstanding newly refurbished facility free of charge. There are no additional fees, all care is covered under the NHS. The hospital is next to the motorway junction, journey times from Dorset are approximately 45 minutes, with ample free parking and easy access on site.

Hip replacement

Knee replacement